‘How can I handle work on a day like today?’

There is gossip circulating that there is going to be a sequel to one of my favourite films, Ferris Buellers Day Off, after a short trailer has been released in aid of The Superbowl, across the parrrnd.

The Clip. Shame on them.

Please. No.

I mean, it just reminds us all of SJP’s existence, and her uncanny resemblance to a bony old’ foot, which raises bile in my pretty little mouth, which is never good. Aside from that, Buller is a brilliant, brilliant film, which should be left alone. I always had a soft spot for Cameron (which is odd or me, considering Alan Ruck was about 50 when it was filmed) and I obvs appreciated the shower scene with Broderick. He looked cute, but I don’t think he’ll be able to pull it off now.

Jeffrey Jones plays Edward Rooney; he sports a enviable moustache and has since been convicted of paying under age boys to pose in indecent photos. A convicted paedo. It’s safe to say from looking at Jeffrey Jones in this film that he’s a sex offender. He is also the dad in Beetlejuice, another 80’s classic. Edward Rooney is a wonderful character, a ginger at his best. This trivia regarding Jones adds value to an old classic (in my opinion), a deeper layer, a hint at something more sinister. A paedo in a school based film… Intriguing.

It’s understanding that makes it possible for us to tolerate a person like yourself

I love it.

Didn’t we all want a day like Ferris, Sloane and Cameron had? How good is the song? Oh Yeah? Charlie Sheen as the drug addict slipping Baby from Dirty Dancing a digit in the police waiting room? Yesss!

Eh badda badda badda badda, shewinggg badda!

John Hughes has passed, God rest his soul. I’m not sure how he would feel about the prospect of a sequel. Disgruntled I imagine. I mean, is it going to feature some of my other favourite ex-students of Shermer High School, Illinois? Is John Bender, my large trilled fave going to be a toilet attendant, spraying Bueller with some Cerrutti 1888? Who else? Will Rooney hunt down Buellers children in a bid to take revenge?

Great use of The Smiths, Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want.

Save Ferris. Exactly.

Please, say it isn’t so. Don’t ruin it. Let’s remember Ferris Buellers Day Off for Matthew Broderick being a fit schoolboy, remembering what it’s like to be skulduggerous at school, sunny days, teenage girlfriends and boyfriends, and loyal friendships. Shall we?


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