Cup [khup]

Hello again, tis I, Maisie Snax. Writing this on board the 15:00 Plymouth to London Paddington train, where I will attempt to entertain you, with words, on the subject of the word ‘cup’. Banal, I know, but let me try. I may also touch on other subjects, also likely to be embracing banality like a Jew embraces a sheet.

I love the word cup. Pronounced ‘khup’. Isn’t it delightful? Say it to yourself, or better, out loud! It’s enjoyment can be enhanced by the motion. You know the one, hand out, palm facing upwards, fingers gently curled. Cup! Initially the love came from the mere sound that these three letters conjure, and also a basic respect for the function of the cup that is present in what I can only presume is in all of our lives, in some way or another. I don’t mean to state the obvious, but it’s an excellent receptacle.

I was fortunate enough to attend The Big Chill (aka The Big C, or TBC) two weeks ago, with my friend Lou, my festifriend, fast friend and valued friend. Oh, how we laugh, we both love to get amongst the delights of live music events, mock, and use complicated words wherever completely unnecessary. I told her of my love of the word cup, and she shared with me a story where she cupped Ricky from The Kaiser Chiefs at a gig in London. She saw her cupping opportunity, and literally cupped it. I like the cut of her gib, and the intention of her cup.

This raised the profile of the word cup in my weird little world.

I saw Craig Charles do his 6 music funk and soul show at TBC. As a 13 year old, and avid Red Dwarf fan, I was quite simply madly in love with Criag Charles, even though he was sporting one of the most ludicrous mullets of the 80’s. I didn’t care, I loved him. I remember exactly where I was when I learnt he had been accused of rape, and I was DISTRAUGHT (I cried). When I saw him from the back of the tent on that early Saturday eve, I realised I still actually loved him, and it took all of my willpower not to shout ‘I love you Craig!’. Fear not, I refrained, and retained a small amount of selfrecockingspect.

Lou and I battled our way to the front where I intended to stare at Craig intently, until he met my eyes and the love would become two ways. Regrettably, Craig was clearly out of his mind on *whatever* and any eye contact was minimal. I accepted eye contact was out of the question and considered a cupping to get my childhood loves attention. These events I now believe have measures specifically designed to be preventative of any cupping of the arrrteests. I considered cupping many of the artists I was lucky enough to be near at TBC. Barriers and security got in my way, measures I imagine will continue to plague my stalking attempts through my adult life.

So the association from my joyous time at TBC and cups slash cupping, assisted in my love of the word. I also purchased a wonderful cup and saucer on a chain from TBC. I’m wearing it now. (Please see below) This particular cup would not admittedly brag about it’s excellent retention skills. I think you could fit one bean (baked or otherwise, possibly a black eyed bean) in it, and today at work I discovered I could place a bic pen in it. It sure is pretty though.

I thought I’d struggle to write about cups. No way.

I googled cup yesterday. Nothing predictive offered by google. But some offerings…

Fungus Cup – hmm not sure. Leave fungus out of it please.

Cup Final – Yawn

Mooncup – A environmentally friendly device for woman during their menstrual cycle. My esteemed colleague stated today that ‘everyone should drink booze out of a moon cup once before they die’. He sports a full beard, so I’m not sure I trust him.

Loving Cup – Is this spooning? Spoonsies? Or possibly a cupping, of which Ricky received from Lou? Either way, this is my fave!

It leads me nicely on to spooning. I like spoons as much as, if not MORE than cups.

I’ve often thought of attempting a world record attempt at Worlds Biggest Spoon Off. Imagine it, a whole sphere of spoons. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a spoon of more than two people. The more people spooning, the better. My biggest achievement (spoon wise) is a 10 man spoon off. It made me feel warm. Inside and out. Imagine a massive spoonsies, outside in the sun, no reprobates allowed?

I once spooned a random girl New Years Day 2009 in Redruth train station waiting room at approximately 09:30. I clearly remember the ticket office staff looking at me, well us, like we were weird, and maybe a little bit mental. We didn’t remain friends, our interlude was very brief, but I’m glad we spooned.

Do you know what? I’m going to stop now and enjoy the scenery on my journey and finger my cup. Enjoy your weekend, cup, spoon, do whatever.


Please feel free to share your favourite cup related stories…





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3 Responses to Cup [khup]

  1. Another exciting addition to the world as seen by Maisie Snax.
    I regretfully have no cup stories to share, as such I am a mug!
    (don’t laugh, it’s not funny)
    Looking forward to the next…

  2. Neil Barnes says:

    My Cup Runneth over!!!!!

  3. kels says:

    i was once liken to a “tea cup” , i thought arrrhhh, delicate like a china one, but alas, no, like a stained and used one!

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