Yassoo Nafti’s!

Yassoo Nafti’s! That’s ‘Hello Sailor’ in Greek, to those of you not in the know.

So, here I am. Clueless, as usual as to what the hell is going on. Not really sure what I am going to write about, but I am able to talk freely and extensively with relative ease, so I am hoping that this writing malarchy will come with just as much grace as the verbal. I spent much of my youth writing inane drivel in a diary, so I hope to replicate some of that in this here blog.

I have been thinking about writing for quite some time now, still stuck on the topic of what to write about. I spoke to my dear friend Ralph about it, him being an experienced blogger himself. A lunchtime meeting was scheduled to discuss the setting up of said blog, that and to celebrate my recent 30th birthday. A little was done, but it was mostly spent drinking and jotting a list of how I could capture my mini-obsession at that time. My favourite option being branding him as a sex-offender slash paedophile, hoping no-one else would want him – so he could be mine.

Good at lists and planning.

Fortunately (in this instance), not so good at delivering results from lists and plans.

Anyway, I have moved on from that mini-obsession.

I’m single by the way. Weird that.

Aaaaanyway. So. I like writing and I like words. One of my new favourite current words is ‘cup’ and established favourite words include ‘skulduggery’, ‘hammer’, and ‘compartmentalise’. I like over-egging things to the point of utter annoyance to everyone around me (…please… read on…), maize snacks (current favourite – Co-Op onion ring), eggs (poached) and being a music snob and stereo whore.

There is lots more to me than just the above, and those who already know me, I sincerely hope they concur. In the same respect, I am aware that my blog should have some sort of ‘point’ or something like that. I am still not sure what that is. At the moment, that ‘point’ is going to be me being me, and writing about what I see, what I think and what I hear. I was keen to just go full steam ahead and write something. I have a tendancy to stall, so these posts will either cease, or hopefully get better. I am open to suggestions on topics, and I think this blog should have the option to comment etc. My dear old dad helped me with this, as my skills in that department are pretty poor.

If I could have sex with any bit of punctuation, it would be the trusty question mark. It’s nice to get these things out in the open now.



About Maisie Snax
LOVES: Clouds, maize snacks, house music, taking things too far, cider in the sun, funk, Wes Anderson, cheese, listening to my ipod really loudly at all times, being lazy, being elevated, showing off, melodic hip-hop, monkeys, getting amongst it, pianos in house tracks, soul, Chanel pefume, Bret Easton-Ellis, my fringe, Buckfast, cashew nuts, long weekends away, spooning, stereo whoring, laughing, eggs, John Lee Hooker, BBC 6 Music and Spaced DOESN'T LOVE: Getting up early, liars, text speech including lol, Joop on men, beards, vegetables that disguise themselves as other vegetables (courgettes), diet coke, Lady GaGa, Radio 1, soaps, black pudding, Mondays, big dogs, toenails and cheap leggins.

11 Responses to Yassoo Nafti’s!

  1. Glad to see you have entered the world of blogging L. Remember it takes practice to properly achieve the necessary state of self importance to blog properly!

    It requires a zen like devotion to Narcissism! Viva la Blogging!

  2. Warren says:

    Yasou Chicken ????? ??? ?? ?
    Thought I’d leave some sexy punctuation for you to ????

  3. Neil Barnes says:

    Try and Keep it clean!! Dads watching……

  4. Val Pope says:

    Am subscribing now….. 😉 xx

  5. I’d like to hear more about the word cups.

  6. Jack Lethbridge says:

    So Lauren..you have finally decided to open your eyes to the world of writing. Officially kicking events off with a discussion of the beautifully crafted word of ‘Cup’??? Wow Barnsey, you cease to amaze. Let’s discuss the many meanings of the word…

  7. Mandy Macdonald says:

    Personally, my punctuation mark of choice is the much misaligned semi-colon. Quite possibly the written word’s equivalent of a pity shag though (sorry to Lauren’s dad for the rude word).

    Nice work, Barnesy. Keep it up 🙂

  8. Jenna Evens says:

    I’ve read it bird are you happy now???? Actually apart from the odd spelling mistake (chain-not train) I believe it is a triumph! I would like to know more about the other side of you…..(i assure all of you it does exist, as her longest standing friend for 27 arduous years (only joking) I should know. Perhaps this is the perfect platform to explore your deeper side?) as well as the fun loving music Nazi, who has a blatant disregard for political correctness! Looking forward to hearing more, you over indulgent over egger!!!!!???????????????????????? (P.s perhaps you can enlighten us on your opinion of all this ‘ crap?)

  9. glowjoe says:

    Very captivating bird, I especially appreciated Craig Charles entry, although you forgot to mention the time he was caught smoking crack in a back of a car from a stella can (best forgotten maybe) . I find the comma confusing, one minute I think I understand it’s purpose, the next it totally throws me, it’s so easy to over use. Anyway bird, I how about blogging about collective nouns; a smack of jelly fish or a creep of tortoises? I think they should be explored and possibly over egged!
    Rock on 14th Oct BHM!!!!!

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